How to Sew a Garment Sleeve with Lining 🪡


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A – To sew the sleeves, the fabric and the lining together, we advise you to first turn the garment right side out through the space left previously.
Place the sleeve lining inside the sleeve.
Turn the edge of the sleeve and the lining right sides together and pin a few centimeters.

B – Take out the sleeve from the wrong side through the opening, being careful that the sleeve is not turned and referring to the pins put before, pin the main fabric of the sleeve and the sleeve hem, right sides together then sew.

C – Put the sleeve right side out, turn the facing inside then pin to hold it in place.

D – Bring out the sleeve on the wrong side of the fabric through the opening and sew by hand to hold the hem to the fabric.
Starting at one end of the hem, insert the needle into the folded hem (seam allowance) and then bring it back up through the main fabric, taking a small stitch that catches a few threads of the fold and the main fabric.
Make sure that your stitches only go through the folded hem and do not show on the outside of the coat.
When you reach the end of the hem, knot the thread securely and cut off any excess.
Put the sleeve right side out and remove the pins.

IMPORTANT: When sewing, the thread should be loose, not tight as it may pull on the fabric.

Depending on the fabric, to avoid hand sewing, you can use double-sided stabilizer to hold the facing in place and keep it from shifting while you sew.


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