How to sew a Fly Front Zipper 🪡

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1. Preparation of the fabric tabs:
– Cut two fabric tabs the length of the zipper. Tab 1 should be 5 cm wide and Tab 2 should be 10 cm wide. You may apply interfacing to both tabs for added structure.
– Fold Tab 2 in half lengthwise and overlock the edges to prevent fraying.
– Overlock the edges of Tab 1 as well.

2. Positioning the zipper:
– Align the zipper near the pants’ fly and mark the end of the zipper.
– Place the two pant legs right sides together (i.e., front sides facing each other) and sew from the marked point downwards.

3. Installation of Tab 1:
– Open the pants and place Tab 1 right side to right side on the left leg. Sew from the waist down to the end of the zipper.
– Open Tab 1 and sew a reinforcing stitch to the right of the seam.

4.Placement of the zipper and Tab 2:
– Go to the right side of the pants and place the zipper right side to the leg, covering the zipper with Tab 2, whose overlocked edge should align exactly with the edge of the zipper.
– Use a zipper foot on your sewing machine to join the three layers (zipper, Tab 2, and pants) carefully, ensuring that the foot is positioned to the left of the zipper teeth.

5. Finishing Tab 2:
– Open Tab 2 and sew a reinforcing stitch to the right of the zipper to secure it in place.

6. Securing Tab 2:
– Move Tab 2 towards the inside of the pants and pin it in place to prevent it from moving.

7. Final alignment and sewing:
– Bring the left side of the pants over to the right, ensuring that the edges of both parts are well aligned and secure everything with pins.
– Sew the zipper to the edge of Tab 1 from the inside of the pants, ensuring that the seam is to the right of the zipper teeth.

8.Closure and finishing:
– On the right side of the pants, sew Tab 1 to the pants creating a line from the waist to the end of the zipper.
– Remove the pin that was holding Tab 2 in place.
– Finally, on the inside of the pants, join Tab 1 with Tab 2 with a diagonal seam to secure them together.

And that’s it! You have now finished sewing the zipper into the pants.

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