How To sew an Invisible zipper on a Lined garment 🪡


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If your zipper extends all the way to the top of the garment, follow the same steps but position the zipper so that it reaches the garment’s top.
Sew the lining onto each side independently.
From this point the following steps remain unchanged : turn the garment and lining right sides together to sew the lining to the zipper.

The cross marked on the lining signifies the wrong side of the lining.

A – Start by marking the points where your stitching will begin and end on both the lining, fabric, and the zipper.

B – Using an invisible zipper foot is essential for this step.
Align the left side of the zipper with the left fabric piece, right sides together, and pin it in place.
Repeat this process for the right side of the zipper and the right fabric piece.
Sew close to the zipper teeth without actually sewing onto them.
Check if the zipper opens and closes smoothly.

C – Now, it’s time to close the upper and bottom sections.
Match the fabric pieces right sides together, pin the upper and bottom parts, and sew, starting from the previous seams to ensure a secure closure.

D – To complete the process, secure the bottom of the zipper by stitching each side to the seam allowance.

E – Proceed to close the lining part up to the notch. Align the lining and fabric right sides together, pin, and sew.

F – Place the fabric and lining wrong sides together.
Fold the seam allowance of the right side of the lining inward, against the wrong side of the zipper.
At this stage, the right side of the lining is placed against the wrong side of the zipper, and the right side of the fabric is against the right side of the zipper.
Pin the lining, zipper, and fabric together. It’s recommended to use a zipper foot for sewing close to the zipper teeth.
To make it easier, slide the zipper pull down before starting to sew, stop just before reaching the pull, lift the foot, move the zipper to the top, lower the foot, and continue sewing.

G – Repeat the same process for the other side of the zipper.

H – With the lining and fabric attached to the zipper, now sew the bottom part of the lining.
Align the lining pieces right sides together, pin, and sew, starting the stitch from the last stitches of the lining to ensure a proper closure.


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