How To Sew An Exposed Elastic Waistband 🪡

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A – Create a French seam by joining the elastic band with its wrong side facing each other. Pin them together and sew. Then, align the right sides and sew, ensuring the hidden seam is on the wrong side.

B – Next, equally divide both your elastic band and the waistline of your pants or skirt into four sections. Use pins to mark these sections on both the elastic band and the garment.

C – Match the pins on the elastic band with the corresponding pins on the pants or skirt, ensuring the wrong sides (the sides that won’t be visible from the outside) are facing each other. Pin the elastic band to the garment at each of these points for secure attachment.

D – Sew the Elastic to the Garment: With the wrong sides together, sew the elastic band to the garment. As you sew, gently pull on the elastic band to gather the fabric of the pants or skirt. Sew up to each pin and then repeat this process for each of the four sections.

E – Trim Excess Fabric: After attaching the elastic band, trim any excess fabric from the seam to reduce bulk and create a cleaner finish.

F – Finally, place the elastic band in its intended final position on the garment. Sew along the edge of the band, pulling the fabric as needed to ensure a snug, even fit.


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