How to gather one piece of fabric onto another 🪡


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A – Start by taking the fabric you want to gather.
Use a chalk or fabric marker to indicate the section you intend to gather.
Begin sewing with your sewing machine, employing the longest stitch setting, and sew a line along the marked area, close to the edge. Sew another parallel line next to the first.

B – Place your gathered fabric and the un-gathered piece right sides together, ensuring that notches and seams align. Secure them together with pins.

C – Next, grab the two threads of each stitch line and gently pull them to evenly distribute the gathered fabric. Secure the fabric in place with more pins.

D – Adjust your sewing machine to use a shorter stitch length, and sew all around the edges where the gathered fabric meets the other piece.

E – Finally, you can remove the initial long stitches that were sewn at the beginning.


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