How To Attach An Invisible Zipper to a Garment with Facing 🪡

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A – Begin by marking the stopping points for the zipper on both sides of the fabric using chalk on the wrong side.

B – Position the left side of the invisible zipper, right side facing inwards, onto the front part of your garment.
Pin it in place and mark the zipper’s location with chalk on both side of the zipper.
Do the same with the right side of the invisible zipper on the back part of the garment.
Ensure that the zipper is correctly aligned, and the seams match.

C – Attach your invisible zipper foot and sew next to the zipper teeth. Repeat the process for the other side of the zipper.
Verify that the zipper closes smoothly.

D – Turn the garment to the wrong side.
Align the front and back parts, and you can use zigzag scissors to trim the excess zipper.
Finish the edges as instructed in this tutorial.
To finish the seam below the zipper, we recommend to use a normal zipper foot. Sew the side seam by stitching slightly above the last stitch to the bottom of the fabric. This technique helps to reinforce the seam and ensure that it stays securely closed.

E – Place the facing and the garment right sides together, pin them, and then sew.
Clip the curved areas to release any excess fabric. Understitch a few millimeters parallel to the seam on the facing.

F – After joining the facing and garment at the waist, stitch with the zipper foot, ensuring the closest proximity to the zipper teeth and keeping the right sides of the facing and garment together, with the zipper sandwiched between them. Repeat the same process for the other side and trim the corners.
You can choose to tuck/hide your seam allowance between the garment and the facing or keep your seam allowance flat, but keep in mind that this makes the fabric edge visible.

G – Turn the facing to the right side of the garment.
Tuck the seam allowance inside the garment and pin it in place.
Use basting stitches to secure the facing.
Sew from the right side of the garment along the seam to lock the facing in position.
Finally, remove the basting stitches.
Alternatively, you can opt to secure the facing in place by using a hand-sewn invisible stitch from the wrong side of the fabric.


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