How to Sew a Pocket in the Side Seam 🪡

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A – Place the pocket’s facing and lining right sides together and sew them. Repeat for both pockets.

B – Mark pocket placement: Use chalk or an erasable pencil to mark where the pockets will be placed on the fabric and also on the pockets themselves.

C – Place the front pocket on the front garment, right sides together, and pin it in place. Stitch the pocket to the garment.
Understitch to keep it in place. Press the seam allowance toward the lining and sew a parallel line through the seam allowance on the facing pocket.
Repeat for the back.

D – Join the front and back: Place the front and back garment pieces with pockets right sides together, and pin them. Sew around the edges.

E – Turn the garment right side out: Once you’ve sewn all around, turn your garment right side out. Your inseam pockets are now securely sewn in place and ready for use.


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